Spin-orbit torque

Controlling spin current polarization through non-collinear antiferromagnetism

The interconversion of charge and spin currents via spin-Hall effect is essential for spintronics. Energy-efficient and deterministic switching of magnetization can be achieved when spin polarizations of these spin currents are collinear with the …

Efficient spin-to-charge conversion for spintronics

A new materials discovered to generate spins.

Unconventional spin-orbit torques in non-collinear antiferromagnets

Controlling spin polarization through magnetic structure design.

Anisotropic spin-orbit torque generation in epitaxial SrIrO3 by symmetry design

Spin-orbit coupling (SOC), the interaction between the electron spin and the orbital angular momentum, can unlock rich phenomena at interfaces, in particular interconverting spin and charge currents. Conventional heavy metals have been extensively …