Our work on antiferromagentic spintronics was published in Nature Communications.

Our paper, “Controlling spin current polarization through non-collinear antiferromagnetism” is now out at Nature Communications.

In this work, we show control of the spin polarization direction by using a non-collinear antiferromagnet Mn3GaN, in which the triangular spin structure creates a low magnetic symmetry while maintaining a high crystalline symmetry. We demonstrate that epitaxial Mn3GaN/permalloy heterostructures can generate unconventional spin-orbit torques at room temperature corresponding to out-of-plane and Dresselhaus-like spin polarizations which are forbidden in any sample with two-fold rotational symmetry. Our results demonstrate an approach based on spin-structure design for controlling spin-orbit torque, enabling high-efficient antiferromagnetic spintronics.

T. Nan, C. X. Quintela, J. Irwin, et al. Nature Communications 11, 4671 (2020)

Tianxiang Nan
Tianxiang Nan
Assistant Professor